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Thanks for completing the Confirmation of Instructions (COI) and engaging bytherules to look after your Conveyancing.

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Please find below the completed questionnaire for your records. Please read it carefully and if anything is incorrect, please let us know immediately quoting reference number .

If you have chosen to pay the Outlays Deposit by Bank Transfer, please transfer  to our Trust Account immediately:

: bytherules Conveyancing

: Commonwealth Bank

: BSB - 064 449

: Acct# 1047 9564

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Authority to Act For You

I/We certify that I/We are the client or client agent and have the legal authority to instruct bytherules conveyancing in relation to the conveyancing transaction and that I/We have no notice of the revocation of my/our authority to act on behalf of the client.

I/We Authorise bytherules Conveyancing to act on my/our behalf in the conveyance of the property detailed on this form. 

I/We INSTRUCT bytherules Conveyancing to act on my/our behalf, or where I/We are the client agent to act on behalf of the client, in accordance with the terms of this client authorisation and any participation rules and any prescribed requirements to:

(a) sign documents on my/our behalf as required for the conveyancing transaction(s); and

(b) submit or authorise submission of documents for lodgement with the relevant land registry; and

(c) authorise any financial settlement involved in the conveyancing transaction(s); and

(d) do anything else necessary to complete the conveyancing transaction(s). 

I/We NOTE Your ADVICE and understand that you are not able to provide advice on the commercial viability or succession, matrimonial or financial consequences, or the tax implications of this sale or purchase.

I/We HEREBY AUTHORISE REQUEST AND DIRECT you to pay our professional costs (as quoted) and outlays from moneys held in your trust account or charge my/our Credit Card on my behalf.

I/We HEREBY APPOINT bytherules Conveyancing to act as my/our agent for the purpose of paying any Government tax, fee or charge that is specified in the determination of the treasurer made pursuant to any lawfully gazetted taxation act.

I/We ARE AUTHORISED to make this declaration and state that the information contained herein is correct to the best of my knowledge and such information may be provided to any Government agency lawfully requiring such information.

I/We AUTHORISE bytherules Conveyancing Pty Ltd to prepare and lodge the GST property settlement withholding notification and GST property settlement date confirmation to the Commissioner of Taxation on my behalf. I declare that the information provided for the preparation of the document is true and correct. I am aware that bytherules Conveyancing Pty Ltd is a legal Firm but in this case is not providing tax agent or legal services other than conveyancing. I/WE am/are authorised to make this declaration and do so as per my signature below.

I/We HEREBY AUTHORISE AND DIRECT you to forward to us the original stamped contract at the conclusion of this matter and that you will retain only electronic copies of the documents for a period of 7 years.

I/We HEREBY AUTHORISE AND DIRECT you to communicate directly with the Real Estate Agent (if applicable) and take any steps to protect my/our interest in respect of this transaction.

I/We HEREBY AUTHORISE AND DIRECT you to obtain an extension on any occasion to protect my/our interest if I/we are not contactable at a time when a due date falls.

I/We HEREBY CONSENT to the delivery of invoices and notices by electronic means to the email address supplied in these instructions

Click HERE  to view a full copy of the terms of your agreement herein to settle this matter electronically.



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